Advantages and Disadvantages of Microwave Ovens

Microwaves are a type of energy that is absorbed by the food particles inside an oven. These waves make the water content inside the food particles to vibrate, which in return make food particles rub against each other, thus producing heat energy and cooking the whole food. The more the energy supplied the faster and better the food gets cooked. This is possible by either increasing the power supply to the oven or by increasing the cooking time.

Microwave ovens have a whole lot of advantages than disadvantages. Some foods when cooked in these ovens retain their flavour and taste than when cooked in the traditional methods. These ovens are also cost efficient on electricity and are also safe to use. Also these machines do not require pre-heating as in a traditional oven, and can be used immediately upon switching on. This also helps in the surroundings being cooler, unlike the gas stove that heats up the kitchen area, thus making it hot and uncomfortable to work.

This type of cooking also reduces cooking odours which accompany while cooking on gas stoves. Also cleaner kitchens can be achieved, as less food spills are caused in this method. The effort of washing of gas stoves is reduced as these ovens neednt’ be washed, they can just be wiped off the dirt and food. With a combination oven that includes a conventional and microwave oven, cooking can get faster and effortless as well.

A coin has two sides and so does any device. A microwave oven too has its own advantages and disadvantages. Some of the major disadvantages could be that the food gets cooked faster which could result in over cooking of the food. The food can tend to get cooked unevenly, with hot food being on top and cold and uncooked food at the bottom, and so food has to be stirred, at regular intervals, in order to cook food correctly. Microwave oven need specific utensils to cook food as not all metals and alloy vessels can be used. Also all types of food cannot be cooked in a microwave oven; there are certain restrictions as well.

A microwave oven has many positive features and few negative aspects as well. It depends on the usage and need of the individual to go for this type of oven, along with necessary features and options.