All About Pump Paintball Markers

Paintball is one of the sports which utilize guns as a main tool. Paintball guns or markers, as enthusiasts call it, were first invented in the year 1970 by James Hale of the Daisy Manufacturing and was first used as an instrument to make markings on trees and livestock by farmers and herdsmen. One type of paintball marker that arises after its conception is the pump action marker.

Pump paintball markers are recommended for those who just started to play paintball because these guns are good to hone the paintball players’ strength and skills. Basically, these guns are more efficient because it exhaust less CO2 and uses less paint. For this reason, the number of shots a player can execute is limited. Therefore, a player needs to develop his accuracy and stealth skills in order to achieve victory in the game. It would really be an excellent gun to start with because it will bring about the players to think of good strategies to prevail in the game.

Developing the players’ skills is important in playing paintball and it would be greatly affected by the type of gun he uses. Pump paintball markers would be most suitable in preparing the player for the game because a player will most likely depend on his own assets than on the gun. It is more difficult to develop a skill than to upgrade a gun. In cultivating one’s skill, processes are involved and it does not happen overnight. On the other hand, a paintball gun can be upgraded with a snap of a finger as long as you got the cash.

A pump paintball gun fundamentally works by using one or two CO2 12g cartridges. CO2 or carbon dioxide is used to boost the gun. Sometimes, it is also used for mines and grenades. A load of CO2 would already last long enough to discharge an opponent twice. This means that a player should bring some CO2 during the game.

Pump markers are also cheaper than any other types of guns. Because of its inexpensiveness, it is more practical to use. Rather than using expensive guns, it is more proficient to use something that could help you become a good paintball player in a very reasonable price.