Bring the Magic of Nature Back With a Frenzy of Pretty Pebble Tile Designs

Those unique childhood nature memories of riversides, trees, and campfires deserve to live on. We outgrow a great deal, but fabulous nature and the greenery live on for an eternity. Among the superb gifts of technology are wonderful ways of packaging those spectacular little pebbles to refresh the daily existence!

Spring and summer having arrived, reinventing particular spaces according to preferences are very much in order. An array of pebble designs, perhaps to surround an outdoor pool amidst an inspiring landscaped garden with rocks and greenery.

Black Pebbles

It might be rustic but steeped in luxury with the splashy black pebble mosaics surrounding the tub, in an elegant and modern tumbled design. Reminding of stones at the picturesque riverside, install the soaking tub upon a pebble base. Marble pebbles are truly extraordinary, resist moisture and immensely durable. Backsplashes, shower walls, and accent walls love them. Get that rich spa feel in the bath.

Rug-inspired pebble projects

Pebble floors along passages and hallways with Mixed Marble floorings provide a visual treat. Limestone walls would add to the allure of the serene garden that haunts the outdoors. Reality sometimes beats the dreamy quality. Are pebbles really going to replace the traditional rug? Natural colors and textures achieve the impossible with a brief period of getting used to. A few bonus points come your way with travertine, marble and limestone pebbles that are easily cleaned and require minimal maintenance.

Sliced Pebble Coal Tile & Black Polished Pebbles

Pathways underfoot lined with pebbles indoors and out? Why ever not with the sun, moon, clouds and stars for the elegant company? Sliced pebbles and beach pebbles serve a variety of esthetic purposes. Floors and walls indoors in bathrooms or pretty landscapes outdoors, everything is possible with these little pebble colors, textures, designs and range of materials.

Serenity Stone Pebble

Do you fancy shower surrounds in ivory, beige or gray shades of pebble marble tile? Honed marble looks like clever dreams on kitchen and bathroom backsplashes too. Idle, outdated spaces come to life in an instant with such a smart solution. They fit in and match traditional home architecture perfectly. The Meshed Pebble Collection matches the old and the new style combination refreshingly too. Mesh-backed pebbles are easy to install.

Mixed Polished Pebbles

Contrasting tan, cream and gray mix in many shapes and sizes, just as in nature! Create a budget-friendly outdoor haven. Pebbles protect the soil and expel pests. Marble beach pebbles last forever, easily maintained. Lawns require ample water in comparison.