Ceiling Secrets – Tips For a Beautiful Ceilings

Have you ever seen a beautiful ceiling and wonder how they did it? You can do it yourself in your own home! Here are some secrets you can consider:

1. An old trick that adds height to a room is mirrors, especially when applied to a dark ceiling. Buy inexpensive, easy-to-install mirror tiles and secure them with the recommended adhesive.

2. Create a constellation on the ceiling of a child’s bedroom. Buy reflective vinyl and cut it into star shapes. Arrange them on the ceiling in the configuration of the Big Dipper or some other group of stars. When the lights are out at night, it will seem just like the outdoors. An extra bonus: the stars will function as a night light.

3. A skylight dramatically increases the sense of extra space and lets in five times more light than a window of the same size. It will transform a dark room into a brightly lit living area.

4. Ventilating skylights (those that open) allow odors, smoke and heat to be exhausted to the outdoors. An added plus: skylights save on electricity bills.

5. Hide exposed plumbing, wiring or joists with a dropped ceiling, a suspended metal grid in which acoustical panels rest.

6. For a neat-looking job, always make border tiles on facing sides of the room the same width.

7. Apply ceiling tiles with adhesive or cement only if the ceiling is sound and even. If a ceiling has exposed joists, cracked plaster, or an un-even surface, nail furring strips to the ceiling before applying the tiles.