Century Swift NX – What You Need to Know Before Buying the Century Swift NX

The Century Swift NX is really not a new helicopter.

Well, let me clarify that. It is technically a new helicopter based off the original design of the Century Swift 16 that has been out since 2006.

There are some things you need to be aware of before buying the Swift NX, but first let me point out some facts about this Radio Control Helicopter that will help you in deciding to purchase one or not.

The NX is by far the best, low cost, large Rc Helicopter on the market. At Just over $200 you cannot beat it for

  • Size
  • Weight
  • Performance
  • Quality
  • Parts Availability
  • Price
  • Super Upgradeable
  • And Support

As I said earlier, the Swift NX is really just a new and updated version of the older Century Swift 16. But there are some stark differences. The Swift NX has one of the newest and best upgrades missing from the old Swift and that is the Top Front Mounted Battery Tray.

The old Swift 16 had the disadvantage of having to mount the battery under the bottom tray of the helicopter thus affecting the CG of the helicopter. The newer top front mounting battery tray allows for a higher CG that helps in executing better rolls.

With the newer updated designs on rc helicopters, the battery mount eventually came to be on the nose of the helicopter. Tilted, at an angle for better center of Gravity.

Now the Swift NX has this improved battery mounting option.

As for the support for this helicopter. There is a HUGE following of the Century Swift Helicopter on the Internet with pilots that have been flying the helicopter for years.

You will want to make sure to Visit the Thread on Rc Groups about the Century Swift NX as it is already active and growing and you will find the best information on

  • Tips
  • Tricks
  • Hints
  • Support
  • Setup Pictures
  • And More

Make sure to join the forum and ask your questions. Don’t worry, the guys on that forum are more than happy to help you out.

Another design benefit the NX has over the older Swift 16 is an auto rotation bearing along with a driven tail that was missing from the Swift 16. This allows for a driven tail during an auto rotation which is highly beneficial if having to perform an emergency landing without power.

The one thing you need to know about the Swift NX is that it has a ton of upgrade options available, but don’t be fooled by all the hype about upgrades. This helicopter really needs no other upgrades than what it comes with.

Oh, and one last thing you will want to be aware of. This helicopter retails for $219.95 but you won’t have to pay that if you shop around online to find the best deal…