Commercial and Residential Elevators

Commercial and residential elevators provide smooth and safe up and down transportation in any home or commercial environment. These devices utilize cutting edge technology and are ideal accessibility devices. While of great functional value, elevators add elegance to residences and commercial settings. They also increase the value of your homes.

Advantages and Safety Features

There are comfortable to use, at the same time maintenance free. These can be customized according to individual needs. Both commercial and residential elevators are mainly meant for comfortable floor-to-floor transport of physically challenged people. Here, these are available with a variety of safety features to ensure the safety of the users. The significant features found in these models include:

o Durable design
o Variable speed
o High lifting capacity
o Emergency battery
o Interlocking facility
o Backup lighting
o Noise free
o Manual door swing
o Alarm buttons

A Variety of Options to Choose from

Elevators are available in a range of finishes, colors and sizes. The interior paneling of the residential elevators are available in wood, glass, stone, metal or laminate. Commercial elevators are with rated load of 635 kg, rated speed of 0.15m / s, ADA accessibility standards, submersible variable speed valve, magnetic sensor and more. Residential elevators are designed depending on the user's convenience. These come with standard closet size space with a lifting capacity of 500 pounds, special inter-lock facility, in-cab alarm, and telephone jack.

Maintenance and Servicing

Although most of the elevators provided are free from manufacturing defects, the need for repair and maintenance may come after continuous use over a period of time. Most of the suppliers themselves provide quality installation services as well as maintenance of the products supplied, thereby, putting their customers at ease. They provide periodical checks and ensure proper and safe functioning of the products sold.