Commercial Real Estate and Franchise Site Selection – Taking Advantage of Closed Dealerships

It’s hard to find a good location for a franchised outlet, after all you need good traffic counts, frontage, and a you need a good price too. Luckily, commercial real estate, really choice properties are at a three-decade low, and there are some star locations now empty and ready for a little Tenant Improvement and immediate move in. Additionally, municipal planning commissions are willing to bend over backwards to fill up commercial buildings with sales tax revenue generating businesses as soon as possible, that means easy approvals for conditional use permits and waivers.

Now then, we’ve all heard of the tremendous number of closed car dealerships lately, and many of these locations are indeed in prime spots, with better than good frontage, and excellent traffic counts. What sorts of franchises would work good in a closed auto dealership? Well, how about an automotive service franchise, a restaurant franchised outlet, or one of those new Virtual Reality or Family Entertainment franchising concepts?

You know it is not often where prime properties like these come available, and it is not often when there are so many to choose from at a 30-year low in the commercial real estate markets. But, all that is now happening, and so although the recession is a huge calamity, we must remember that tried and true philosophical truth; “There is opportunity in Chaos!”

So, perhaps it makes sense to capitalize on some of this chaos and controversy before someone else snaps up these more than perfect prime commercial locations and turns them into a profitable concern. Please consider all this.