Dyson DC23

The Dyson DC23 is one of the top vacuums in Dyson's line. The Dyson DC 23 is a bagless vacuum that usually retails for anywhere up to six hundred and fifty dollars. There are a few different iterations of the Dyson DC23. The Dyson DC23 varieties include the Dyson Titanium Level 3 Root Cyclone Vacuum, The DC23 TubineHead Canister Vacuum, The Dyson DC 23 Plus Canister Vacuum, and the Motorhead. Most of my experience has come from the regular Dyson, which is also referred to as the Dyson Titanium Level 3 Root Cyclone Vacuum.

The Dyson DC23 is a very solid vacuum. It is engineered to the highest standards. Dyson really went above and beyond my expectations on the DC23. The vacuum is a bagless vacuum. It uses Dyson's Core Separator Technology. It has a motorized brush bar which picks up debris with relative ease. It is also a vacuum that has been praised for being very hygienic. It is great for people with allergies and does a great job reducing the amount of air born contaminants that usually come along with vacuuming. The DC23 is really easy to empty. You do not have to worry about pesky bags and the only filter is pretty simple to clean and does not require much maintenance. Also the Dyson is super easy to store. It is collapsible so the vacuum is great for people who are space conscious.

I would certainly recommend to DC23. It is the perfect vacuum cleaner for someone who is looking for a canister vacuum that is bagless, powerful, and compact. The Dyson also is great vacuum despite the type of flooring, so it is good for people who have both carpeting and hard surfaces in their home. Every time that I take out my Dyson DC23 and vacuum, I am surprised at the amount of dirt, sand, and debris that the vacuum picks up and collects. The DC23 also comes with a wide variety of accessories that make the Dyson DC23 a very versatile vacuum. By using the attachments you can clean floors, carpets, and areas of your home that are normally hard to reach with relative ease. At the end of the day you can tuck the vacuum in the closet and it barely takes up any room.

Overall I am extremely satisfies with my DC 23. In my opinion, if you are looking for power, compatibility, and ease of use, the Dyson DC23 is the way to go.