Frontal Lobe Damage Can Make You Lose Your Personality

There is a reason why there are precautionary measures for some sports activities, construction sites and other areas especially for the head because damage to the head could be tragic and sometimes even fatal. That is why a person should always listen to warning signs and wear the necessary protective equipment to keep safe.

Do you know that damage is most done to the frontal lobe during accidents? It is because of where it is situated which is at the frontal area of ​​the brain. When there is an impact, the frontal area of ​​the brain smashes itself in the interior part of the skull. When there is frontal lobe damage there is a drastic change to the personality because it is the control center of each person's emotional and personality. How we react, act to situations, information and to others is primarily because of the frontal lobe. That is why damage to it could be tragic because we might lose who we are.

The truth is diagnosis of frontal lobe damage is not easy. Often the doctors misdiagnose because the symptoms are quite similar to a personality disorder. That is why a person who experiences mild trauma to the head should contact the doctor immediately especially a doctor who specializes in head trauma. You will probably go through several tests such as an MRI, CAT or a PET scan. These tests will provide a detailed picture of the portions of the brain which provides the doctor a better picture.