Grand Opening Party Ideas Part 3

As we have covered before, onsite, outdoor advertisements are a great investment because they communicate a lot of information to potential customers in a very short message exchanged over a very short amount of time. Another excellent source of advertising is word of mouth. Gossip spreads and people love to talk, and in this case, that can translate into free advertising for your business. The final leg of advertising your grand  opening  party is through the idea of “divide and conquer”. We have covered some pretty big grand  opening  ideas and means of promoting your new business. These final ideas are so you can add all the little extra advertising help possible for your new venture.

  • Use your grand  opening  party to start off on a nice, friendly note with your business neighbors. Invite businesses close to yours to set up a booth for their own company outside, as a part of your own celebration. This will lay the foundations for a great partnership in the coming years and provide more access to services for your new customers.
  • Extend the same invitation to your vendors and manufactures, offering space for them set up banners and booths in appreciation for their services to your business.
  • Be sure to budget for and set aside some petty cash. Your big first day (and especially the week leading up to it) will bring some surprises and you will be glad to have the means to save some time and make whatever unexpected that comes be a little easier to handle.
  • Since your Grand  Opening  Party is so important, and you want as many people to attend for as long as possible, be prepared for, and excited to see guests stay longer than normal business hours. If future customers are sticking around, that’s a very good sign. They should not be turned away or asked to leave.
  • People are expecting all the “little” promotionals such as pens, magnets, and business cards. Take advantage of that and try to find a way for everyone who stops by your festivities to go home with one of each. These will filter and spider out to portions of your local neighborhood that did not make it to your grand  opening , expanding the circle of those who have seen your advertising.
  • Another way to spread the word near and far of your new business and the services it will provide its customers and the surrounding community, is to hand out fliers. This is a great job for a couple of groups of high school students to work together at some local hotspots.
  • In all the focus on outdoor advertisements and ideas for planning for your grand  opening  party, don’t forget to utilize the internet, particularly Facebook and Twitter. Facebook especially, often has groups based on geographical location. Use your new business’ account for each of those types of online networking and have free advertising on the world wide web.

Besides Facebook and Twitter, don’t forget to post a few ads on different sections of Craigslist in the days leading up to your grand  opening , describing your new business and the party you will be throwing for its first day.