How Do I Win Tickets on Full Tilt Poker?

The best strategy to follow to win tickets on Full Tilt poker is to develop a master plan and stick to that master plan throughout your play. Discover the perfect way to win tickets on Full Tilt poker in this article.

Full Tilt Poker offers the poker player an opportunity to enter big buy-in poker tournaments through a method known as satellites. In these satellites, a player enters a small buy in tourney and wins a ticket to the next level (or step). As you progress through the steps, you can easily find yourself with enough to buy-in to major online poker events and possibly live poker tournaments up to $10,000.

So, what is the best strategy to win tickets on Full Tilt Poker?

Simply enter the lowest possible poker tournament (a $1 buy-in is offered) and play the tournament as solid as possible, avoiding the rush to hurry up and chip up. The reasoning behind playing a tight game early on, is that many poker players will attempt to chase and fish their way into a lot of chips, and soon will find their way to busting out.

If you use a tight strategy in the early poker tourney, you can avoid the chance of being sucked out on or losing your stack to an aggressive bluffer or chaser. In addition to developing the tight strategy early on, you also want to hone your skill in middle and late tourney play.

As most online poker players are aware, the software used by online poker sites often seem to favor the underdog, thereby creating a dangerous situation when you have a big hand. This is the reason behind many claims that online poker is rigged.

How to Avoid losing when Online Poker is Rigged

In addition to playing a solid tight poker style, and developing a plan to win tickets on Full Tilt Poker, you also must avoid the potential that online poker is rigged. The way to do that is to be aware of how the software works and how you can prevent the potential problems associated with the poker algorithms known to defeat your good hands.

The matter of avoiding that problem is to learn more of the mechanics behind the software. It is generally accepted that poker players are up against staggering odds when it comes to playing poker online, especially when you are fighting against the software, newbie players who can not fold a draw, and poker algorithms that make deterministic decisions based on play.

In conclusion, if you truly want to succeed in online poker and want to have an opportunity to buy-in to large tournaments, the best method is to win tickets on Full Tilt Poker and advance yourself with minimal risk. You can minimize your risk and gain a huge advantage, by following this easy method of playing a solid game early on, avoid the suckouts by selecting good starting hands and discover how the online poker software and algorithms work.

Good luck and hope to see you at the final table of a big buy-in tourney!