How to Break Down His Emotional Walls – Ways to Get Your Man Closer to You

Your relationship with your guy has been filled with some amazing moments. You can feel the connection between the two of you and it’s incredibly satisfying. It’s not all perfect though and there’s one issue that tears away at your heart a little more each day. He’s not as open as you wish he was. You recognize that everyone is different but you feel that he’s holding back in a way that may eventually end up causing friction between the two of you. You want to break down his emotional walls but so far you haven’t been able to figure out how to do that. It’s not nearly as challenging as you may think if you have the right insight and an understanding of how to appeal to him in such a way that his emotional flood gate opens and he feels freer to love.

If you want to break down his emotional walls you must make him feel safe. Most men are very vulnerable when it comes to their feelings and that’s one of the main reasons they hide their hearts away. If a man has been hurt by a former girlfriend or lover he’s going to throw up those emotional barriers as a sign of defense. In order to break them down you have to show him that you can indeed be trusted and the best way to do that is to help him to feel cherished and loved by you.

Begin by respecting his need to have those walls right now. Chasing after him, asking him to open up more, will only result in him building a bigger emotional barrier between the two of you. He needs to be coaxed out of that shell, and compassion and love are the ways to do that. If he doesn’t want to talk about what he’s feeling, don’t ever push him. If he’s not ready to say he loves you yet, be patient. Allow him to work through his insecurities on his own time frame and just continue to be supportive and present.

A man needs to completely trust his partner if he’s going to overcome his emotional hurdles. That’s why you can’t ever resort to games of jealousy in an effort to get a man to break down his emotional walls. It won’t work. He’ll likely break up with you instead of trying to get closer to you. You’re much better off being an open book with him and allowing him access to all parts of your life. If you do that and stay on course with telling him how much he means to you and showing him at every opportunity, he’ll start to soften his resolve and want to be closer to you as well.