How to Build a Solar Panel For Your Home

Reading all this article will give you some key steps on how to build a solar panel for your home. Have you had trouble finding good information on how to get started? Well do not worry, because I'm about to give you the information you've been looking for.

First and foremost; Forget what you've read or heard from people saying that it's not possible to build your own solar panel. How can you believe me? Because thousands of people are building them and using them for electricity every day. So if everyone else is doing it, why not you right?

Keep reading below and here is 9 steps on how to build a solar panel for your home:

1 . Before buying any of your solar cells, find out how many watts you need them to produce together. This will be determined by the charge of the battery you will be using.

2) . Figure out how many panels you want to build. You'll know this by figuring out how much power you want to produce.

3 . Make a box out of plywood. This is where you will be resting your solar cells.

4 . Once your box is built, apply UV-ray protective varnish to it. Doing this will avoid the plywood getting damaged from the sun, rain etc.

5 . Connect all of your solar cells together with tin wire.

6 . Once the cells have been wired together, you need to stick them to the base of your plywood box.

7 . Cover your box and solar cells with the plexiglass. You need to make sure once it's screwed into your box that it is sealed and water proof.

8 . Carefully look over the whole solar panel for small gaps or spaces that will allow any moisture to get in. If you find any be sure to cover them with silicon.

9 . Lastly, drill a small hole at the bottom of your box (Make sure it is not close to your wiring), this will allow air flow to avoid any moisture build up inside.

Did you think it would get a lot more complicated than that? Trust me, it's not. With carefully written instructions, diagrams and video, you too can build your own solar panel for your home.