How to Hit Longer, Straighter Golf Drives

As a retired aerospace engineer, I like to experiment with various aspects of the golf swing and golf putter design. recent discovery by a retired aerospace engineer offers the average golfer a chance to gain distance and accuracy with every club in his bag. There are no club modifications required.

I was having problems with my short game because I had become too “handsy” almost to the point of having the “yips” on short wedge shots.

And, the I was struggling with my ball striking. I was fighting an “over the top” move that resulted in hooks and pull hooks.

I knew my problem was caused by an overactive right hand and I was experimenting with ways to have my hands working more together. By increasing the number of fingers overlapping in the grip I was able to minimize the tendency for the right hand to dominate. Picking the club up on the backswing was eliminated and the hand action became much smoother.

My initial testing was with my sand wedge and when I discovered the right combination of overlap in my grip, I then moved on to longer and longer clubs. The free release of the hands was especially surprising with the driver. The swing now felt like I was slinging a rock on string.

With my new grip I achieved a more fluid release of the hands with less tension. Instead of hitting the ball, it is more like the club head is being slung into the ball. This slinging action felt effortless.

The resulting increase in club head speed gives more distance. And, the unified hands minimize any tendency for the right hand to take over and cause pulled or pull hooked shots.

Testing with a golf swing analyzer and during actual play has verified significant improvements in distance and accuracy are possible.

This new grip method produces up to 20 more yards with the driver and adds 1/2 to 1 full club to the irons. And, a more consistent shot pattern is produced as well. The new grip method produces a less steep angle of impact thereby reducing backspin for hotter shots. This is especially helpful with the driver.

With iron shots most golfers come up short of the hole. So, having a little less backspin on the irons will help the ball release instead of stopping so quickly.

This new unified hands grip method for holding a golf club uses a triple overlap of the fingers, hence the name Trilap tm Grip.

When I shared my new golf grip method “discovery” with several friends and family members they had the same beneficial effects when they tried the Trilap grip.

Now, I have written a detailed Instructional Article giving step by step instructions for achieving the Trilap grip. A comparison is made with each of the three most popular golf swing grip methods in use today: The Reverse Overlap, The Interlocking and the Unlap or Baseball Grip. Golf swing setup comparisons are shown and Swing Analyzer Data is presented.

This color illustrated Instruction Article is available for FREE from REESO Putters.