How to Know If a Man is Into You? Really Effective Ways to Know Whether He Likes You Or Not

How many times have you been heart- broken for barking up the wrong tree? While some of us are lucky in love many of us are very confused and mistake courteousness for curiosity and interest. When a man is just being courteous you jump the gun and conclude that he likes you and begin to invest your feelings in him. The result is heart break. Here are a few ways to find out if a man is into you before you begin your emotional investment.

What does his smile say

A smile says a lot. If a man really likes you his smile is going to be deep and genuine and not like the formal smiles that are dished out to everyone. See if his smile is reaching his eyes and you have a hit.

Does he try to find out about your personal life

During a conversation does he try to find out about your status; if you are single or dating anyone? And if you say that you are dating he goes on to enquire of it is serious or if you are testing waters. This clearly indicates an interest in you and he is simply waiting for a go ahead.

Does he let you know of his single status

A man will also let you know of his status though not very overtly. For example, he might tell you that he has plans to go for a movie this weekend “alone”. That is the keyword that you have to latch on to and work.

Does he lean in to talk to you

You will find that if a man is interested in you then he will lean into you when he has to say something. You might also find him trying to whisper something to you and with that pretext he will lean closer.

Is he mirroring your behavior

When two people are interested in each other, they mirror each other. So, if he is into you, you will find him coming forward if you lean in or if you sit back then he does the same.

Does he touch you lightly

If you find a man lightly touching your elbow, you arm or your leg during a conversation in a very casual manner then he is totally into you.

Has he been “showing up” unexpectedly?

You know that a man is into you completely when he begins to show up unexpectedly at places that he knows you are at. He will try not to make his intentions obvious to avoid embarrassment but he either has been asking around about your whereabouts or has been paying very close attention to what you have to say both of which clearly indicate that he is into you!