HP LaserJet 2420n – A Printer That Will Leave You Smiling

The HP 2420n printer can make a good addition to the medium or even large-size network group looking for good quality printed product. This particular unit does its tasks well and with no drama. It's equipped with decent memory, a good print product and nice paper holding capabilities. To sum it up, it does all of its jobs more than ideally and some of them a lot more than adequate.

Print tasks using the HP 2420n come out in workman-like fashion and in standard monochrome. This laser printer is not a heavyweight, either. At a relatively svelte 32 pounds, it can be picked up and relocated, when needed. The looks of the thing are pretty much standard HP couture. There's nothing glamorous about it, just efficient. And if you need efficiency and reliability, this HP has covered your returns and forwards.

The 2420n churns out pages at a quick 28 pages per minute. Its speed places it towards the head the group for printers in this part of the market. And it comes with a nice price tag, which is bound to be a big attraction for the IT pro out there who's looking to add a network printer with upper-end features and abilities.

The printed page generated by the HP printer emerges at 1200 by 1200 dots per inch resolution, and in black and white. That enables the 2340n to handle most any sort of non-graphics rich print job that someone within the network might have for it. Pictures come out looking okay, and so do complicated or detailed drawings. It's a text printer above everything else, but it'll do the other things when it has to.

Memory supplied with this machine is a good 64MB, standard. This can be expanded up to 320MB. That should be more than enough for the needs of most any networked workgroup. And there are three different-type interface ports that come with the 2420n. There's an older-generation parallel port and a modern USB 2.0 interface. The last port is the 10 / 100Base-TX Ethernet model. That one is designed to let the printer integrate into the network pretty quickly and cleanly, which will please the IT specialist to no end.

There are a number of different operating platforms which the HP can run on. This includes the omnipresent Windows platforms, in all the different variations – including being certified for Windows Vista – and various Mac OS flavors. NT 4.0 is also included, naturally. All of these different platforms give the printer good agility and nimbleness for a machine in this price range. It should be able to hook into a network fairly easily, by the way.

Its monthly duty cycle comes in at a fine 75,000 pages, meaning it should not have to suffer maintenance too often. It also can store around 850 sheets of paper in its feeder trays and media. This means you will not constantly running to refill it like some sort of ravenous beast.