Installing E Track in a Wood-Paneled Trailer

E track is an effective way to secure cargo in an enclosed trailer. Here’s how you can easily install it in a wood-paneled trailer. This example uses a horizontal 1/8″ thick track with 1/4″ diameter mounting holes.

The first step is to look for wall studs inside the trailer. A standard way to spot them is by checking for the screws that hold the paneling in place. The screws will be attached to the wall studs.

Most wall studs in trailers are about two inches wide. Knowing that should help you find the center of the stud, and each stud is generally spaced about two feet apart. When you install the track, make sure it’s sitting as flat as possible on the wood and that it’s evenly spaced over the studs.

To secure the track to the wall while you’re working, mark off a couple of holes and start by putting in a couple of temporary screws.

Number 12 screws are your best bet for the permanent connection. Just make sure the holes line up with the wall supports before you continue. It shouldn’t be too difficult. In a standard trailer configuration, if one hole lines up, the rest will as well.

Keep in mind that the outside wall is only a couple of inches away, so you’ll want to mark your drill bit so you don’t go in too far.

Once the e track is attached to the wall, hook up a tie-down strap and give it a good pull to make sure it’s secure before you attempt to secure your cargo.

Many people ask about the best height and location for e track. The answer is that it depends on what you want to secure. For a refrigerator, mid-height would be about right. For a motorcycle, you might want to install the track on the floor and secure the straps to each handlebar. So the location really depends on the job at hand.