Is The Atkin's Diet Dead Or Is It Still Alive – A Book Review

Okay so, the reality is that America is fat. Now that might sound funny, but it's really not, especially considering that now we have socialistic medicine, and a collective sort of healthcare insurance program and safety net for everyone. Not to mention the fact that we are providing food stamps to 45 million people, many of which are not watching their diets, and we are perpetuating their fatness. Now then, if you'd like to get back in the proper weight there is a very good diet book I'd like to recommend to you. The name of the book is;

"Dr. Atkin's New Diet Revolution – The Amazing No-Hunter Weight-Loss Plan That Has Helped Millions Lose Weight and Keep It Off," by Robert C. Atkins, MD., New York Times Best Seller, Published by Avon Books, New york, NY, 1992, 417 pages, ISBN: 0-380-72729-3.

Learn about the Ketogenic Diet, the book boosts in the first 5-chapters, and reminds the readers that the main reason this diet works so well, is that basically it does not ask you in any way to limit your diet, only what you eat , for instance, you can eat nearly unlimited amounts of certain foods. Of course, to keep the weight off you must continue your diet modification and allow it to become a permanent habit. Interestingly enough, it is not really all that tough to do.

Best of all you will have what the author describes as a "metabolic edge" as you help your body get want it needs, craves, and wants to do what it does best. Meaning you'll have more energy, strength, and mental acuity. The author admits it all sounds too good to be true and yet, millions of Americans have indeed lost weight using the Atkin's diet method. Although, I am not one of them, I have tried it out for a bit, and I was fine with it at the time.

He warns about the need to have proper insulin flow, and how those who do not heed this warning and refuse to watch their weight attempting diet after diet will simply find themselves with health issues down the road. We all know this to be the reality, as over-weight folks are so much more susceptible to all sorts of long-term health issues. He explains the need to ditch the calorie counting and to eat all you want of the foods your body needs, and the reason most diets fail is they are about calories rather than metabolism, and nutritional science.

He further sheds light on the carbohydrate limiting diets, "all wrong," he said. Atkins was a doctor, and he had outstanding credentials to back up his claims. He talks also about good fat and bad fat, and that more people ought understand what they are doing to their bodies on so many of these diets that concentrate on the wrong things for the wrong reasons. I enjoyed this book, it made a lot of sense, and I bet you will be glad you read it also. Please consider all this and think on it.