Modern Day Town Planning

There are several wondrous achievements that have been attained by man in his growth of human civilization. Little by little there have been various innovations and advancements in every field of human endeavor from science and technology to the field of medicine; from space aviation to underwater explorations.

The same success can be attributed to town strategy as well. It is no longer true that a town can grow only with time and the growth of settlements within it. There are town planning consultants who engineer several aspects together to build up modern day settlements in the form of towns and cities.

There are several engineering consultants and town planning consultants who have specialized in various aspects of modern day town planning and are running successful corporations in different countries of the world.

Aspects of Town Planning

Town planning is a plan to draft up human settlement in a particular site. However this is a mammoth task that involves different kinds of deployments of technology and engineering.

There are several aspects of town strategy that are vital in the making of a town. Here are some of them that need careful consideration.

  1. Land surveying is an important requirement. A properly conducted survey will expose facts about its soil structure and endurance level.
  2. Soil testing will also reveal the presence of any natural resources like oil and mineral resources that will be of national use.
  3. A properly conducted site survey will also prove if the area is prone to earthquakes or any other natural phenomena.
  4. Availability of resources should be analyzed. A secure and steady supply of water supply should be ensured.
  5. Analysis of communication networks like that of roads and transport facilities needs to be made.
  6. Climatic patterns need to be understood before plans or town strategy
  7. Proximity to other cities and towns need to be present so that there is an easy interaction with other places as well.

Important Safeguards for Town Planning

The task of undertaking town strategy can be a mammoth task considering the amount of facilities and amenities that need to be ensured for the people who will inhabit the place.

There are several safeguards that have to be looked into as the world is a large place with different characteristic features that are unique about places.

  1. Forest Fire – There is a need to understand and analyze the proximity of forests and tree reserves near the settlement. There are times when severe forest fires may break out and cause damage to all kinds of human settlements.
  2. Wildlife Habitats – It has to be investigated whether there are any animal or wildlife habitations in or around the place designated for town building. A proper site survey should be conducted to ensure safety for both animals as well as humans.
  3. Natural Calamities – There are certain areas of the world that are extremely prone to natural calamities like earthquakes and floods leading to soil erosion. There should be proper safeguard measures taken to ensure future protection against such occurrences.