Quilts Are Functional And Decorative

Recently there has been a significant reappearance of quilts. People are using them in their homes both for decorative purposes and to put on their beds. They are frequently seen at craft shows and shops, and people are taking classes to learn how to make them. They have been in existence for hundreds of years and are as much an art form as functional items. People still admire the detailed work their grandmothers did to create these beautiful and unique bed coverings, and families have heirlooms that are passed down from generation to generation.

Their beginning was very humble, as they were invented by the lower classes just to stay warm. Peasant women used to sew together worn out shirt or dress pieces and any other leftover fabrics they could find in order to make blankets. They are made by stitching small pieces of fabric together and placing them on backing material with different kinds of insulating material, such as cotton, in between the layers. Over time, quilts evolved into artful handicrafts that were utilized by all classes of people. They usually were large and labor intensive, so family members or neighbors would gather at one place to sew the fabric pieces together in what became known as quilting bees. In this way, they were able do their stitching and socialize as well. Today there are quilting clubs or groups that still get together to do their sewing, but the participants usually are working on their own items.

Quilts are both decorative and functional items. If you want to give a room a country or “Americana” effect, you can place one on the bed or fold one and hang it on an antique rack. Smaller versions are used as wall hangings for decorating purposes. Larger ones are used as bedspreads, which not only provide warmth, but make it easy to make the bed in the morning. They are available in many different sizes. You can find them in many different sizes, from one for a baby’s crib to one for a king-sized bed.

Functional or decorative, the thing that makes quilts so popular is their various patterns and the detailed stitching. One of these popular early pattern themes is the American Revolutionary War. Another famous pattern is the double wedding ring. There are the log cabin pattern, flower garden pattern, leaf pattern and lone star or shooting star patterns. Some people prefer the crazy quilt pattern where the fabric pieces are sewn together following no pattern at all. Recently, people have created very modernistic designs for both use and for show. In America, one specialized form of pattern that emerged in the early days of the country was known as the slave quilt, which served the functional purpose of bed coverings, but they were also used to give directions to slaves as escape routes. The few examples from the slave era that are still in existence have been kept in museums or are cherished as family heirlooms.

There are certain things that you need to consider when deciding on purchasing a quilt or having one made. You need to know the type and quality of workmanship and design that you need for your use. You must check into the experience of the quilter and the time required to finish the project, if you need it for a specific purpose, such as a gift. The time taken to create each one depends on the pattern as well as the detailing required to complete them.

If you do not need an expensive hand-designed, hand-made quilt, you can purchase beautiful quality ones from an online store, craft show or specialty shop in order to get quick delivery since they are readily available.