Reflective Glass: Energy-Saving Glass

Industries and factories often look out for various ways to save energy. Reflective Glass is used in the purpose, in context that the glass itself reflects heat so as to maintain heat or cold as required. The glass does not actually reflect light as the typical glass would, instead it reflects heat rather than absorb radiation. This type of glass is considered to be environmentally friendly. It is easier and cheaper to heat or cool buildings and similar structures with this glass. The construction done using this glass is mainly aimed at control and reduce the loss / gain of heat.

Various applications of Reflective Glass:

During winter, the building needs to maintain temperature within. Reflective glass invites the heat to escape outside. Similarly, it builds back heat in summer due to its shiny surface, so maintaining the cold required inside the construction at all times. Not only does it save money and proves economic, but it also helps in reduction of use of climate control system, which in turn is beneficial to the environment.

There are various types of finishes on the Reflective Glass which vary from shiny to metallic. The tinted texture used is generally applicable to be applied on tall buildings to give an aesthetic appeal to it. The metallic finish given to it is used so that people can see through the glass from the inside. One important aspect of the glass is it controls glare. Glare is very harmful to the eye, especially to people who work long hours in front of the computer. Reflective glass helps in maintaining a good office atmosphere by reducing the heat from the outside, making the office a more productive place. One of the many advantages of this glass is that there is no electricity or any other power supply required to make it work. So along with cheap, it is also a good choice for the eco system.

Another use of Reflective Glass is to control the temperature where the requirement is there. Scientific research labs which need to be climate controlled use these glasses for controlling the heat. These glasses help maintain the temperature to a reasonably high extent. One main advantage is that these glasses require no power to run, so they keep working even in no power conditions as well.

Facades also use Reflective Glass to bring out the best in their buildings. Constructions that use these glasses give a very aesthetic appeal to the whole building. Further on, by using these glasses, one can definitely guarantee low operating costs due to its economic use. In the long run, these glasses benefits in many ways. These glasses are also used in cars and other vehicles, which are termed as Auto Reflective Glass.