Remington Gun Safe Reviews – Effective Or Not?

Are Remington Gun Safes the best on the market? The company actually makes many different things. From action figures, to air guns, clothing, all terrain vehicles, you name it, they make it.

As you are obviously aware, gun safes is one of their product lines. Ideally, it's best to go with a company that focuses only on gun safes, because you know they are not spreading their efforts thin. However, do not write them off just yet.

The company makes five different kinds of safes. Which is the best? Here is quick review of each to help you figure this out.

(1) Sportsman Series

The sportsman can withstand a twelve hundred degree blaze for a half hour. This obviously does not compare with their more solidly built models, but still is adequate to protect your guns in most fires.

It comes in three different sizes, either seventeen, twenty or twenty three cubic feet. Obviously the Remington Gun Safe you purchase depends on how many guns you will be carrying.

(2) Silver Series

Next, we have the silver series. This one is their second cheapest model, the first being the sportsman model.

You can get this one in either green, black, burgundy or hunter green. It can withstand a fire of twelve hundred degrees for forty five minutes, which should do the trick in most instances.

(3) Gold Series

The gold series is actually the top selling one among other comparable safes in its' category. Does it live up to its' popularity?

This Remington Gun Safe is capable of withstanding a twelve hundred degree blaze for a full hour, and it comes in dimensions of either twenty five, thirty five or fifty cubic feet.

(4) Platinum

The platinum can last for seventy five minutes in the same blaze.

(5) Parker Series

Finally, the top of the line model, the parker gun can last for a full hour and a half. To sum up the Remington is one of the top fire safes out there.

Sure, you can find ones that are more sturdy and that keep your guns more securely, but also cost more money. However, for the average Joe, who does not have a ton of guns and does not plan on keeping a lot of other things in there, this one should do the trick.

On the whole, Remington Gun Safes are recommended, especially for fire protection, but not so much for burglary.