Selecting the Right Type of Screw is Key

Making home repairs, improvements, fixing electronics, etc. are all tasks you are expected to complete throughout your life, this is highly relevant to those who work in fields such as engineering, construction, etc. but in reality we don’t have to go that far since even children are constantly trying to “fix” the things around them, especially boys. Regardless of anyone’s occupation there are things you just have to learn to do by yourself.

If you are highly independent and like to do things your way then you know that practical knowledge is essential. Fixing, assembling, securing items are all tasks which require one special type of tool which is often overlooked because if its size, we are talking about screws of course. These small tools are found in many sizes, materials and shapes; each type of screw has a purpose and should not be confused with similar ones if you want to do the job right. A few types are: drywall screws, machine, Tek, thumb, wood, socket, etc.

There are two distinct cases we can learn from, both require the use of screws but the type of screws used in each situation are very different.

The first scenario involves assembling a computer desk or table, because the material involved is a particular type of wood only certain screws can be used, these are designed to hold the pieces together giving it stability and preventing the parts from falling apart. When it comes to wood fixtures there isn’t a “standard” set of screws which will work well with all pieces, some of them are: zinc plated, black oxide plated, stainless steel, just to name a few. Besides matching the type, you will also need to match the color of them, because you don’t want bright stainless steel screw heads sticking out of a cherry-wood desk.

The second scenario is related to the first, we are now going to assemble the computer parts which will go on top of the desk just we just worked on. If you noticed, the screws which should be used in this type of job are considerably smaller so using “similar” ones will most likely end up breaking the computer part or chassis, that is why it is important to differentiate between screws designed for wood and those designed for computer parts, these are mostly silver and the most popular head style is the flanged-hex Phillips type; those are several words to describe one tiny part right?, but the truth is that if you use this screw type in wood fixtures they are very likely to fall apart because they can’t provide much torque and they are not very long.

Some people think that they can make just about any type of screw work with anything but this is wrong; you wouldn’t use parts you have lying around the house to secure your new flat screen TV to the wall, would you? Learning about these tiny parts is essential once you realize that they hold together almost everything around us.