Sex Tips – Get Her Hot!

Here are some essential sex tips to get your woman hot and exciting for amazing, mind blowing sex! There's things you need to do to get her going and have the night of your life. Here's how to make it happen:

1. Get her in the mood.

Guys, this is essential and I will not bore you with the usual "romantic dinner" advice. You know what it takes. You know what you have to do or how you have to act to flip the switch to ON. It very well may be a "romantic dinner" or an evening out somewhere special, or it may be just listening and being sweet and all that. Whatever it is, getting her in the initial mood is essential.

2. Stir it up slowly.

You want to have a mind blowing evening, not just a wham bam below average quickie. In order to get things hot, you do not want to just boil the sauce up right away, rather set it to medium low and stir it up slowly. This always works excellent for setting the mood just right and it is always the key to a loud, erotic, pleasure filled evening. Employ some foreplay tactics. Massages, light kissing; just envision that you are stirring it up slowly to reach that hot level without having it boil over too soon!

3. Show her what you got!

Here's where you really turn up the heat. This is going to get her really revved up, but you need to do some work beforehand. What you need to do is to learn some new type of lovemaking techniques which are guaranteed to turn women on like nothing else. Variety and the element of erotic surprise is always the fastest route to turning up the heat and getting a woman to orgasm like never before.