Shed Siding – Which Siding Material Should I Install?

Having a shed allows you to have additional storage space outside your home. Many homeowners prefer building their own because they save on labor cost. May it be made to store your wood or for gardening, you need to plan how to carefully build all of its parts so your costs don’t go up. Planning the construction and determining the materials to use for your shed siding is crucial if you want to build a sturdy and functional shed.

Materials for your siding vary considerably, so it can get somewhat overwhelming to pick the one that is right for your shed. The list below provides useful information that will make your decision a lot easier.


Due to its reliability and durability, wood is the most common material used for siding of a shed. You are better off using pressure treated wood if you want to minimize rotting and deterioration. The most common types of wood are cedar, plywood, board and batten, tongue and groove, and wooden clapboard.


Vinyl is another durable material for your shed that is inexpensive, rust-resistant, and requires very little maintenance. Also, you can save on painting costs by selecting vinyl. The downside of using vinyl is that it is not nature-friendly and it can also be unattractive. It is very commonly used because it can withstand different weather conditions, including the harsh ones. Versatility is also another advantage of choosing vinyl as your siding material since it can be molded and painted.


This type of siding is very common for people who want to match their homes with a similar material. Stone can be time-consuming, but you can benefit from having a solid structure that will last a very long time. Stone is very durable and there is very limited maintenance necessary, yet a major disadvantage is cost. Precipitation can threaten the structure of buildings, so it is important that the siding will be able to withstand the weather conditions in the local region.


Materials such as galvanized steel or aluminum can also be use to build your shed siding. But it can also give it an industrial look that may be unattractive. Metal is damage resistant and the most inexpensive material that can be used to fireproof your shed, yet it is prone to rusting and leakage.

Installing Shed Siding

When installing your siding, you must remember to do it along the edges of your foundation. Cost will vary depending upon the height and the size of your shed. When planning how to build you shed, do not forget to carefully consider the materials to be used on your shed siding. Grab a good set of plans online that will be the guide to building siding that matches well with your shed.