Square Tubing Possible For Bar Foot Railing

Many of you may be familiar with the bar foot railing as having the round tubing. You may have seen this at restaurant bars or at the bar of your friend's home. But if you think that the round tubing is the only type available for use in foot rails, you're not totally correct.

There is also the square tubing made of stainless steel that can be used to make a bar foot railing. The tubing refer to the part where you actually put your feet on. Installing this fixture will involve the same steps when using the round tubing. It's up to you, though, to decide whether you will do the installation yourself or hire somebody more knowledgeable about the process.

By using a square type of tubing for your railing, the advantage is its flat surface which may be more comfortable to your feet whether or not you are sitting at the bar or sitting on a high chair. This part is a great add-on to any bar regardless of where it's situated.

If you prefer to get the stainless steel material, there are different types of finish that you can select from. Examples are the polished and satin finish. Stainless steel is a very durable material that requires less maintenance. With this, you can be sure to have your attractive foot railing adorning your home bar for a long time.

If you're planning to add a foot railing to your bar, you can choose to install one either on just one side or the entire structure. If you decide to put it on one side, you will need a shorter tubing than when you're installing it on two or more sides with corners.

Ideally, you will need an eight-foot tubing for a standard bar foot railing. For your square tubing, choose one with a two-inch diameter and a .050 wall thickness.

Before everything else, you will have to measure the part of your bar where the foot rail will be installed. Use a measuring tape and make sure to get the precise measurement. Following this step, you can now order your tubing from your preferred store. In this case, you can choose to go to your local hardware store near your home or you can order online which may be a more convenient option.

You can order tubing in various lengths from a minimum of two feet to as long as eight feet. If you're installing foot railings for two or more sides, you will need to get an elbow so you can connect the two tubing in the corner area. If you need a longer pole for just one side of the bar, you will have to get a splicer or an internal connector. This component is what you inset into the end of each tube.

Do not forget to get the other parts as well because you will not be able to install your bar foot railing without them. These include the brackets, end caps and screws.

So now that you know about the square tubing, you can consider using it to your bar or recommend it to your friends.