Styles of Eyeglasses Frames

To meet the needs of fashion, eyeglasses frame has been development to satisfy need of different customers. Generally, the most common styles of eyeglasses are framed eyeglasses, semi-rimless eyeglasses, and rimless eyeglasses.

Framed glasses are the often-used style for centuries, which are featured with fastness, and stability. Semi-rimless glasses are formed by a very fine nylon string serving as part of the frame. This nylon filament is embedded into a narrow groove which is leveled by special tools. By this way this string is invisible, making the whole eyeglass appear to be semi-framed. This kind of glasses is in lightweight. Then, come to rimless glasses whose lenses are connected by nose pads and screws. That is to say two tiny holes have to be drilled on lenses so that screws are able to go through. In general, rimless eyeglass is characterized with lightweight and delicate appearance but with being crooked easily. It is the new favorite for people nowadays.

Besides, there are clip-on sunshades and folding glasses. The clip-on sunshade can be upturned serving as sunglasses, which means that you do not have to change another pair of sunglasses if you want to go out when wearing clip-on glasses. When you are indoors the clip-ons can be removed for storage. As for folding glasses, it mainly refers to reading glasses, which can be folded in the bridge area; some folding glasses can even be folded on the temple making it even smaller in size.

Several days ago, I unintentionally open a website,, in which I find a new kind of glasses called eyebrow eyeglass which looks similar to semi-rimless glass. The difference is that the upper side of semi frame is made into shapes of two eyebrows. It is said that it has been a new fashion for fashionista to pursue.