The Art Of Making A Bonsai From A Shrub

Many people are considering bonsai simply as a tree, but it's not. Bonsai is a peace of Japanese art, the recreation of nature in a miniature style, a secret wish to exalt the nature and also to bring the nature into the living space, just accomplishing the outside growing conditions.
bonsai hibiscus

You can have your own bonsai, but you have to love it and put your own feelings in caring for it, because you have to know that bonsai is a pretentious and very spoiled tree.
Not all the plants can become bonsai, but the trees, shrubs or bush plants. It's not so easy to make a bonsai, especially to care, but you can live with that because it is longeval (can live for few hundred years years) and a real natural inheritance. Here are some steps for you to fallow for a best bonsai tree care.

o For start, take a potted shrub (Hibiscus, Gardenia, Azalea etc.). Depending on what dimension would you like your becoming bonsai to have, choose a junior shrub or mature one.

o Using garden clippers, make the first cutting, following the original shape of the plant.

o Remove the cut shrub in the special bonsai pot. The base of the bonsai tree container has to be perforated, so that the water surpass can flow, assuring the drainage. For the procedure do become easier and the roots do not be destroyed, take out the plant with its soil and put it in a bucket of water. So the soil will fall down in water, cleaning the roots.

o Cut 1/3 of the shrub roots.

o Put on the base of the pot a napkin (it will stop the breakthrough of the unwelcome insects) then add a pebbles coating (for drainage and keeping the soil in and also balancing the pot).

o Fill the pot, for 2,5 cm, with pot mix soil (as regards the soil, pay attention of the bonsai species preferences).

o Stick the shrub, disposing well the roots, and add over another soil coating till 2.5 cm from the end of the pot, allowing the watering.

o Cut again the foliage so that the shrub looks like a bonsai tree.

o Then water a lot the becoming bonsai. After the planting, bonsai does not need much water to be beautiful and to grow well. So water it once a day or in two days, depending the species, just keeping the soil moist and fertilize it regular, in small amounts; it's preferable to use a slow action fertilizer.

o Add above the soil some decorating pebbles.

This is just the beginning, to have a bonsai is very similar to caring for a pet, because the bonsai tree is a spoiled plant, with particular needs.