The Importance of Not Pulling the Hairs Out of Your Penis Or Shaving Your Testicles Too Close

Men typically have hairs growing on the shaft of their penis. They are more common near the base of the penile shaft and become more sparse along the length of the penile shaft. Many men pluck out these hairs to have a more cleaner-looking and more cosmetically-appealing penis. They also do it so that these hairs don’t get caught during masturbation or the sexual act (and cause pain). Why should these hairs be trimmed and not removed?

There are numerous nerve endings and receptors that respond to temperature, pleasure, touch, compression, and vibration in the penis. When stimulated collectively (during the sexual act) they create a sensory landscape that increases the ability to enjoy sex and achieve orgasm.

This article is especially important for circumcised men, as they are at a disadvantage with penis sensitivity due to their circumcisions. Unfortunately, for circumcised men, a lot of penile sensation and feeling originates in the foreskin. If you are circumcised, you have lost a lot of penis “feeling” so you want to keep whatever sensatory mechanisms you have left. This includes the hair on your penis.

The hair follicles in the penis are a form of mechanoreceptor that responds to light touch. You can prove this by gently stroking one of the hairs on your penis. As you do so, you will feel the sensation of that hair being moved. This type of reception is a method of stimulating the penis. As the hairs rise up the shaft they will be more sensitive than the hairs that are closer to the base of the penis. Some men have more abundant hair than others.

If you pluck out these hairs you run the risk of the follicle being destroyed and losing this mode of penile sensation. There is also a slight risk that the follicle will develop a slight infection. The best thing to do is to shave these hairs (be very careful). If your partner is fond of oral sex, then you want to ensure you shave as close to the emerging shaft as you can.

This also applies to the hair around the immediate groinal region, anus, and testicles. By trimming this hair shorter, but not to the emerging shaft, any physical movement around this area will set off these mechanoreceptors and aid in sexual stimulation and pleasure. It will increase your sexual response.

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