Things to Consider When Buying Coal Stoves

Coal stoves are a truly effective way of heating a home, however before you run out and buy one for your own home there are certain factors that need to be taken into consideration first. It is crucial that you know what these factors are as this will help you to determine just which is the right one for your home.

Firstly, you need to assess whether you have the space available to have a chimney installed on your property if you currently do not have one. Albeit some coal stoves today have their own metal chimneys which can be attached to an outside wall, you need to find out whether planning permission is required to install such an item first. The easiest way to find this out is by contacting your local authority and see what regulations they have with regards to the installation of brick or metal chimneys to a property that currently does not have one.

If you actually do have a chimney already at your home it is important that before you get any kind of coal stove installed you have it thoroughly inspected. There are plenty of company’s who will carry out such inspections and provide you with details of any problems and what needs to be done to rectify them. Also arrange at the same time to have the chimney thoroughly cleaned.

A chimney is essential as this is what helps to vent the stove and so prevent toxic fumes from having access to your home. So even once installed you will need to make sure that it is regularly maintained. To prevent the build up of soot in your chimney it is important that you arrange to have it inspected and cleaned every six months to a year depending on how much it is used. Certainly those that are being used continuously should be cleaned every six months.

After the chimney issues the next thing you have to take into consideration when buying coal stoves is what size you want. The size you select will depend upon what size of home you have and just how many rooms you intend to heat using it.

After taking the above factors into consideration and you have selected your coal stove you now need to get it installed. It is best if you use a company who has plenty of experience in the installation of such equipment and not just the stove but also the other bits and pieces such as the chimney parts. Hopefully the store where you purchase your coal stove from will be able to recommend a company that can carry out these works for you.

It is vital that after your coal stove has been installed that you regularly check it over before it is lit. Over time just by looking at your coal stove you will be able to quickly identify any seals, grates or glass that needs to be replaced because they have become worn or damaged. This is especially crucial if you only have yours lit during the winter months.

Coal stoves as mentioned are a great way of ensuring that your home remains warm throughout the winter months. However, if you really want yours to be truly effective you need to make sure that you take care of it properly and that you use the best kind of fuel possible.