Types and Uses of a Serving Platter

Although a person may not consider serving platters as being an essential part of your dishes and other pieces of your table setting, they are extremely versatile and second in functionality next to serving bowls. Serving platters can be utilized for a variety of uses inclusive of the following:

– casual everyday serving of bread, burgers, or fruit
– Thanksgiving turkey or Christmas ham
– special events such as weddings or parties for serving appetizers, desserts, and refreshments

A good rule of thumb is that you should purchase at least a serving platter, a serving bowl, and serving utensils when you initially purchase your dinnerware set. Manufacturers are known for discontinuing dinnerware product lines, so if you want your dinnerware and platter to match, you should consider it with your initial purchase. Despite the issue here, we are not saying that everything has to be a perfect match.

Variety of Uses

Just like all other items that are classified as serveware, serving platters are designed with functionality and versatility in mind. There are numerous collections of attractively colorful platters to serve in and serveware items available today, so at times the selection process can be a bit of a challenge to say the least. Serving platters today are second in importance only to serving bowls, but they still play a key roll in the dining room and kitchen. As with any other dinnerware item, these platters are manufactured in a variety of materials from durable plastic to sterling silver.

The event or dining occasion oftentimes defines the usage of the platter as well as when it is a casual or formal piece that you select. Of great significance here is the fact that the serving platters you choose will allow you to create an eye-pleasing display of food unlike any other piece of your table setting. It is important to realize that you do not just want your serving platters to be a "fashion statement." They need to be functional and versatile as well, and fit the needs of the specific occasion that you are using them for.

There is an endless assortment of colors, designs, materials, patterns, and styles available in the market today. This can make your purchasing decision extremely difficult. Here are some helpful tips that will hopefully make your purchasing decision a little easier:

Decide on the primary purpose of your platters. Try to determine if your platters will be used for everyday dining or just for serving formal or special occasions. Not only will this help you to decide if you are purchasing a casual or a formal serving platter, it will also help you determine how much you will spend on the item.

Consider your budget and how much you are willing to spend on your platters. Once you decided on either casual or formal platters, determine if it fits within your budget. This is also an ideal time for determining if you want to purchase any additional matching serveware pieces.