What Does Mike Massey Know About Trick Shots That You Don’t?

Mike Massey wows the crowds with his spectacular trick shots every time. Ever wonder why you can’t do prop shots or mystery shots or bank shots or crowd pleasers? Well, you can but it does take practice and a steady hand.

First you must master the basics before reaching for the hustler shots and the great escapes. Once you have the basics down pat, then you will be better able to pull off some of Massey’s masterful jump shots and hear the oohs and ahhs of your friends.

Massey has written a great book that teaches you all about his trick shots so you too can set up and perform his special shots. However, before you learn the trickier shots, you have work on learning to play billiards.

When you begin playing pool your stance is important. Every player is different and so no two stances will be the same, but there are some basics that apply to everyone. Balance is important in your stance because you want every part of your body to remain still except your arms as you move the pool cue. If you want to have a good stroke, then make sure to keep your balance and move only your arms when you break. If your weight is balanced evenly between both feet then your balance is good. If you’re left handed, put your right foot a bit forward and if you’re right handed your left foot should be a little to the front. Watch the pros like Mike Massey and see how he balances himself as he goes in to make a shot. You’ll see that he’s balanced and is keeping his body still.

Once you’re balanced you need to make sure that your cue can move easily and not hit your hip as you go for the shot. Try to angle your body about 30 degrees away from your pool cue. Now you’ll need to bring your cue as level as possible and if you’re tall you will have to bring your upper body down enough to maneuver the cue into a level position. So lean down towards the table and make sure you’re comfortable as you line up your shot. Do your best to make sure your head is aligned with your shot and keep your head from tilting to one side or the other. When it comes down to it, these are just basic ideas and you’ll have to find what works best for you as you become comfortable with the game.

Mike Massey has had years to perfect his craft and to become the billiard superstar and trick master that he is. He even has his own line of pool cues. If you want to learn the trick shots that Massey makes, start at the beginning and work on your game.