What to Consider When Growing Roses in Containers

Would not you just love to have roses blooming in your home at your kitchen window or possibly in a bay window in your living room? Have you considered growing roses in containers? You can grow roses inside your home if you do your research and learn how to care for them. Proper care of container pots is very important to the health of your roses. You need to make sure that you get the right sizes and types of pots to put your roses in. The five gallon pots are the best size of pots to grow roses in. You can expect the roses that you grow will get to the height of two to three feet if they are properly cared for.

You need to make sure that the pot that you use has a hole in the bottom so it has sufficient drainage. It will also help to add a saucer to the bottom that is filled with gravel. This will soak up any standing water that is left so that the roots are not getting too wet. You will find that there are many different roses that thrive very well for growing roses inside your home. These roses include Ballerina, Cecile Brunner, Hermosa, Peace, Sea Foam, Valentine, along with several others.

In selecting containers, you should make sure that you have the right pot made from the right material. The best types of pots that are ideal for roses are those that are made of porous terra cotta. These types of pots help to improve the air circulation for the roots of the roses. Concrete pots work very well also but they tend to be very heavy, which makes them less desirable for rose growers. Large ceramic pots or fish bowls make wonderful decorative containers. Another good type of pot is the fiberglass or plastic pot. These are great pots for areas that are extremely hot because they will retain soil moisture a lot longer. Plus these pots are lightweight, which makes them much easier to handle and move around the home. For very large or heavy pots you can find saucer dollies with rollers on the bottom to make it easier to move them.

Another very important factor when you grow roses indoors is the soil that you use. Do not fill your pots with soil you dig up from your garden. It will be too heavy and who knows what weed seeds, bugs and bacteria may be present in this soil. Use potting soil that you can purchase from the local nursery or garden store. The cheapest kind will work. If you need large amounts many nurseries sell it in bulk quantities. Proper care of the rose after planting is more important than selecting the perfect potting soil. Your goal is to produce healthy beautiful roses that you can enjoy indoors.