Why Should We Maintain Good Lymph Circulations Against Toxins?

Lymphatic System in your body

The lymphatic system is a complex network of conduits and nodes that carry a fluid called lymph. Lymph is a clear to yellowish watery fluid which formed in between cells of the body. This watery fluid travels in the lymph channels, through various lymph glands and eventually drains into the bloodstream. It is formed when interstitial fluid (the fluid that bathes cells and tissues) enters the conduits of the lymphatic system. The interstitial fluid is in turn formed because of filtration of blood. This clear fluid contains white blood cells, known as lymphocytes, along with a small concentration of red blood cells and proteins. Because white blood cells are smaller than red blood cells, they can pass easily through membranes which red blood cells cannot penetrate. It circulates through body tissues picking up fats, bacteria, and other unwanted materials, removal of excess tissue fluid, filtering these substances out through the lymphatic system to produce immune cells such as lymphocytes (antibody producing plasma cells) and monocytes.

Lymph glands that are near each other often form into groups or chains such as the sides of the neck, the armpits, and the groins and many places in body. Lymph and lymph glands are major parts of the immune system. They contain white blood cells (lymphocytes) and antibodies that defend the body against infection. Damage or interruption to the lymphatic system can result in a range of medical conditions. Small lymph glands (sometimes called lymph nodes) occur throughout the body.

Check time bomb in your body

Lymph glands are normally pea-sized. You can sometimes feel some under the skin. Lymph glands under the skin become more noticeable and easier to feel if they swell. Swollen Lymphatic gland can swell to the size of marbles or even bigger. But, you cannot see or feel lymph glands deeper in the chest or abdomen even if they swell.

Causes of swollen lymph glands:

1. Infection – the most common

The lymph glands near to an infection swell quickly and become tender as the immune system ‘fights off’ infecting germs such as bacteria, virus, etc. The lymph glands usually go back to their normal ‘pea size’ when the infection is over. It can take a week or so for them to gradually go back to normal after the infection.

Common infected areas are:

– Throat infections and tonsillitis may cause lymph glands in the neck to swell.

– Skin infections of the arm may cause lymph glands in the armpit to swell.

– Infections of the leg or genitals may cause lymph glands in the groin to swell.

– Virus infections such as glandular fever affect the whole body. You may then develop swollen lymph glands in various parts of the body such as the neck, armpit and groins.

2. Cancers, lymphomas and leukemia – less common

A cancer can ‘seed’ (spread) to nearby lymph glands. The cancer then grows in the lymph gland and causes it to swell. For example:

– Breast cancer may seed to the lymph glands in the armpit.

– Throat cancer may seed to lymph glands in the neck.

– Lung cancer and gut cancer may seed to lymph glands that you usually cannot see or feel in the abdomen and chest.

– Cancer of the lymphatic and blood systems (lymphomas and leukemia) can cause many lymph glands to swell.

As a rule, swollen lymph glands develop slowly to become cancers, lymphomas and leukemia than those cause from infections. And they are painless at the beginning.

3. Other causes -rare

Reactions to certain drugs, glycogen storage diseases, Kawasaki disease, sarcoidosis and certain forms of arthritis.

Check your lymph glands

Swollen lymph glands due to virus infections are common. For example, lymph glands in the neck may go ‘up and down’ if you have frequent throat infections. This is of little concern. Swollen lymph glands are more of a concern if there is no apparent reason for them to swell. Consult your doctor if:

– You find swollen lymph glands and you do not know why they have swollen if you do not have an infection.

– Swollen lymph glands due to an infection do not go down again within two weeks.

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Tips on Lymphatic massage with Galvanic Spa System II

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