A Brief Note on Trench Mouth

Trench mouth disease is a type of gingivitis disease that is also termed as gum disease that causes bacterial infections, bleeding gums, ulceration of gums, etc. This disease is very painful, but it can be easily cured, if you take a proper prescription at the right time. Although, you can find this type of disease very rarely in the developed countries, but it is still common in developing countries because of the poor living conditions and deprived nutrition.

It is also known as acute necrotizing gingivitis and Vincent’s Stomastitis in medical terms. This disease came into existence during World War I, when soldiers started getting it. This disease is caused when there are lots of bacteria in the mouth and also the gums in the mouth start developing ulcer.

The exact cause of this condition is still not completely understood, but it may occur because of the following reasons:

• Stress

• Nutritional deficiency

• Poor oral hygiene

• Smoking

• Lowered immune system due AIDS.

If this disease is not treated at the proper time, then it may lead to complications like pain, loss of teeth, dehydration, loss of tissues in the cheeks, jawbone or lips, spread of infection, a serious gum disease called as Periodonititis.

The symptoms for trench mouth are:

• Red or swollen gums problem

• Bleeding from gums when press faintly

• Severe gum pain

• Bad breath

• Fewer

• Swollen lymph nodes around your head neck or jaw

• An older layer on gums and stinking taste inside mouth

Trench mouth disease symptoms can develop very swiftly. As soon as you develop any symptom, visit a good dentist. Frequently, it can be only symptoms of gum problems other than trench mouth disease, but all types of gum disease can be serious. The sooner you take proper treatment, the sooner your gums will return in healthy state and prevent loss of teeth or other tissues.