Advantages of Using Home Elevators

Home elevators have now become an essential requirement in multi-storied building projects. The advantages of using a home elevator are many – the most significant one being that it provides a smooth and pleasant ride from one floor of the building to another. Residential elevators are an ideal solution for indoor and outdoor use in bungalows, terrace flats, penthouses, duplex villas and row houses.

A Blessing for Individuals with Mobility Challenges

An elevator is the best alternative for mobility challenged individuals to access various floors in a multi-storied building. Besides ensuring safe transportation of the users, these devices can also efficiently carry furniture, laundry, groceries and other items from floor to floor.

Apart from these, home elevators

o Bring a touch of luxury and convenience

o Increase the value of your residence

o Increase the marketability of a property

o Can be easily installed in an existing or new home

Elevators are Both Practical and Classy

Customers can choose from elevator models that come in a wide range of finishes, styles, sizes and colors. Normally, an elevator is equipped with the following features:

o Emergency alarm and light

o Emergency stop switch

o Door and hoistway interlocks

o Slack chain

o In-cab telephone system

Telecab – Qualitative Features

Featuring a unique design, Telecab is the best option if you wish to maximize your living space. This model with its 2:1 chain hydraulic drive system is provided with many safety options including 115 VAC relay logic operation, automatic battery recharging system, low voltage controls, keyed call/send stations, automatic door lock system, under panel safety sensor and lots more.

Get the Model of Your Choice

Several models such as Infinity, Eclipse, and Prolift Voyager from Concord; Volant, Rise, Lev, Signet, Windsor and Minivator residential elevator from ThyssenKrupp Access; Telecab from Savaria; Panorama and Renaissance residential elevators from Federal Elevators are available in various configurations to suit your applications. It is important to find a reliable dealer who offers genuine brands and would take care of the installation and maintenance services too.