An Elegant Addition To Your Home-Wood Railings

Wood railings are a very elegant addition to a home. For an instant update to your home that will add a stylish touch, consider adding wood railings. Wood railings have long been the choice for indoor railings because they have a soft and mellow look for inside the house. Metal railings tend to reflect light and make the interior too right. The softness of wood does not reflect, but rather adds a warm glow that lends an air of tranquility to a home.

Besides their beautiful good looks, there are other advantages to wood railings. Wood railings, when used indoors and not exposed to the elements, are just about maintenance free. If wood railings are properly lacquered when they are installed, a light dusting and polishing from time to time will keep them looking beautiful. Wood is very durable, and heavy wooden railings can last forever in a home. And do not forget the fun of sliding down the wooden railing in your home when you were a kid. Do not you want your kids to enjoy that?

There are many choices of woods for beautiful wood railings. Along the various styles you can choose for the posts, balusters and top rails, you have a wide variety of woods to choose from. Red or White Oak, Ash, Cedar, Pine, Beech, Poplar, Mahogany, Walnut, Maple, Cherry and Teak are all availble and each has its own look to add to the beauty of your home. You can even have the posts and balusters in one material and the top rail, the most visible feature in another material.

Today's manufacturers use computer systems to design whatever kind of railing system you like, so you can choose a design or make your own, and the posts, balusters and toprail of your dreams is at your fingertips.

How do you take care of you new wood railings? Wood railings are very easy to take care of. As long as there is no exposure to moisture, you just have to dust and polish. Exposure to moisture means that woodworms and termites can infest and eat away t the wood. If your wood rails may be exposed, you will have to treat them with a chemical to prevent this, or if they are outdoors, you may have to paint them to protect them. Otherwise, just dust weekly and do a heavy wax polishing once a year to keep your wood railing glowing.