Area Rugs Designs

An area rug can brighten up your room with your own choices of colors and styles. They are becoming more and more popular these days. A proper area rug can do simple wonders inside your house. They have a very wide range of variety that you can choose from which have different styles and designs. There are hand-made ones and there are also machine-made ones. Both types are beautifully made and can compose of natural or artificial fibers. Here are the different and most in-demand area rugs in the market today.

Persian Rugs

From the name itself, Persian rugs are rugs made in Persia. For people that do not know, Persia is now known as Iran. The history in making this type of rugs goes back to a thousand years of Persian culture and art. This technique of making Persian rugs produces very high quality products with stunning designs. Different regions in Iran also have their different styles in making the Persian rug but overall the results are just pretty much the same.

Oriental Rugs

Oriental rugs originated from Asian countries like China and India. They also have their unique style and touch on how these are made. Most oriental rugs are distinguishable because of the “oriental” designs and patterns that weavers incorporate in their design. Versatility also comes with this type of rug because it can almost be used in any location or room.

Moroccan Rugs

Obviously, the name already speaks for itself. Moroccan rugs are the ones made in Morocco. This type of area rug is usually composed of many colors and highlights. They look great on plain or white-colored floors. Luckily you don’t have to travel all the way to Morocco if you want this type of design because Moroccan rugs are now already exported to different countries.

Machine-Made vs Hand-woven Rugs

When it comes to the price of an area rug, machine-made ones are much cheaper compared to hand-woven ones. But hand-woven rugs are much more durable and most people choose to by this type of rug because it is carefully made and crafted by human hands and there is that sense of heart and effort being put on the finished product. There are also a wide variety of material in which these products are made, from the traditional fibers like wool, jute or hemp to the exotic types made of bamboo or sea grass. Each material has its own advantages and disadvantages so if you want to learn more about the materials used, you should do a little more research.

Surely an area rug which is correctly placed and suited for a room would bring up the room’s color and style. If you are having trouble with interior design, it would not hurt to ask for suggestions from your friends or relatives, or better yet, from an expert or a professional. What are you waiting for? Get your very own area rug that you could enjoy the fresh and new look to your house.