Bosch Cooker Hoods – Whatever Your Taste

A cooker hood means that a kitchen can remain ventilated constantly- whatever the weather is like and whatever the shape and size of the room that it is ventilating.

There are six styles of Bosch cooker hood to choose from. They are the Chimney, the Island Chimney, the Canopy, the Slimline, the Integrated and the Conventional. Each has its advantages and they all do the job as well as each other. It is mainly an aesthetic preference that will determine which cooker hood is the right one for you.

The Chimney cooker hood is designed to be mounted on the wall. It has a brushed steel chimney section and a glass canopy. It has a 90cm wide chimney extractor hood, is suitable only for ducted extraction and has three halogen lights installed with a dimming function to create an ambient setting.

The Island Chimney Bosch cooker hood is also 90cm wide, but is designed to hang over a larger island kitchen design. This cooker hood also has a glass canopy and ducted extraction. The real difference between the Chimney hood and the Island Chimney hood is the way that it is mounted. Their specifications are very similar in terms of their efficiency and their ability to get the job done. The deciding factor is which will fit in better with the kitchen in question.

There are two Bosch cooker hoods to choose between in the Canopy range but they are very similar. They are both only 60cm wide so are 30cm smaller than both the Chimney and Island Chimney models. Both the Canopy cooker hoods have a reduced installation height and they are both the same colour: silver grey metallic. The DHL545SGB has a slightly better specification than the DHL535BGB as it has an intensive speed option, higher watt lights and a metal grease filter cassette. Aside from this, they look very similar. Bosch canopy hoods fit into the base of a wall cupboard and operate from below. The mechanics of the hood can be hidden behind a standard cupboard door so it is not obtrusive.

The Slimline telescopic hood is small and discreet at 60cm wide. It is silver grey metallic in colour and is suitable for ducted or re-circulated extraction.

Integrated Bosch cooker hoods can be integrated into a furniture door and are suitable for ducted or re-circulating extraction. It is also 60cm wide like the Slimline and Canopy cooker hoods and is silver grey metallic in colour.

Suitable for mounting directly to the wall or suspended beneath a reduced height wall cupboard, the conventional Bosch cooker hoods keep the loss of storage space to a minimum. A change of colour for the Conventional model to white, this slimline conventional hood is again 60cm wide, is suitable for ducted and re-circulating extraction and features a glass visor and one 40W light.

So, deciding factors when choosing a Bosch cooker hood are going to be mainly preference of style and availability of space in the kitchen. If the preference is to have the cooker hood on display as a feature in the kitchen then the Chimney and Island Chimney models are best, but for a hidden extractor that works just as well, but takes up less space, the Integrated and Canopy models are the best choice.