Community Bio-Security Plan

A bio-terrorist attack in the United States is highly probable in the next two-decades. We must be ready and have a plan in place in each community; a plan, which is similar to other communities. Each individual plan will need to be somewhat modified to fit the sense of the community and the individual and regional variations. Areas, which are rural must watch their Diries and Livestock. Large cities must pay attention to their transit systems, building ventilation systems and businesses.

Would you be willing to set up a bio-security plan in your city? Networking all the community together to be observant and ready to respond in an orderly fashion following the lead of the first responder teams? If so you will need a mission statement. Here is a sample mission statement for a program I designed. Perhaps this is a good place to start to help break the ice and motivate others to join the team in your community's new bio-security plan.

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Mission Statement: To help our local authorities quickly rise to the occasion to defend our citizens against catastrophic losses of life in the event of a Bio-Terrorist Attack. To establish a power of presence and awareness of what to do and how to do it, immediately after such an event occurs. By increasing the awareness and visibility of our prevention defense plan and enforcement service to avert chaos and hysteria. To establish a zone for containment where the risk of being infected is lessened to a point of little fear. To unite the business community, governments at all levels, citizens and Chamber of Commerce with a sense of teamwork, unity and confidence. To be proactive in strategic planning and to get input from the whole team. To empower people to remain in control of their communities, families and psyche during a time during a time of absolute crisis. To prevent potential loss rates and therefore eliminating the Bio Terrorism Tactic from the Terrorist agenda.