Diet Plans to Lose Weight – How to Pick the Right Plan For You

With so many different diet plans out there, invariably what happens is that people I meet spend SO much time evaluating, analyzing and contrasting the different plans that they simply never choose … or, yet yet make the wrong choice and give up completely a few short days in.

Information overload is no different than calorie overload. Both lead to places of inaction and unhappiness. Study after study has shown that there is POWER in simply making a choice and sticking with it – and that the more options people have, the less included they are to take ultimate action on anything! Ever hear the old metaphor about being in a movie theater with too many fire exits? Give people too many choices and they simply WILL NOT. They will stand still, paralleled, trying to pick the right exit. It's really the same thing here, and you NEED to ask yourself this: How long are you willing to wait for the perfect diet? Forever? Or are you ready to really transform your life right NOW!

Look, I am a huge advocate and believer in the diets that I promote. They have worked for me, for thousands of others, and I believe they will work for you as well! But I would always prefer someone just pick something today, even if it's not something I personally believe in, or have tried, or even understand … rather than see them spend the next few months reading, writing and "learning" the different diets plans that are potentially available. If nothing else, I have learned this hard way – in this regard, "evaluating your options" is really simply a euphemism for procrastination. I have seen it in myself, in family members, and many others within my peer group. Tremendous success is most often found by immediate action, and that is true here as well .. 🙂