Different Kinds of Kennels

When looking into kennels for your dogs, there are many quality types available. The type that will work best for you depends on the size of your pet, how portable you need it to be and the size of the area you are planning to put it in.

There are modular kennels available for dogs that are easily collapsible. These types are perfect for people with show dogs that need to be able to take it with them easily to other areas. Be sure to get one that does not have exposed wire ends as these can harm your pet. While these types are perfect for traveling, they are also typically tough and strong enough for use in your own yard as well.

For those who want a very versatile kind of kennel, they might consider one made with a bracket system. These are great because you can easily add extra areas on to your existing design. If you have one dog but plan to get more, or typically do a lot of pet sitting, these can be great due to their ability to be added on later as your dog family grows. They're also great for use as exercise runs, as you can make them very long and then change them to more of a square design for everyday use. These typically snap into place very easily and are simple to work with.

There are also options for kennels with separation panels. These are panels that are put into certain areas of your setup to make little rooms for each dog. This is great for people who do pet rescue work or for those with several dogs who like their privacy. These separation panels can be added or taken out as your needs change. These are one of the more versatile products on the market and are great for those who needs change frequently.

For people who do not expect changes in their residence or their dog family, they may consider welded construction kennels. These are not collapsible and are very strong. Once you have these in place, you will not be able to change the set up. If you are living in a home you know you will be in for a long period of time, these are the most reliable. The have the strongest construction and are the most permanent. Most people who choose this type choose to have them professionally installed so that they know they are constructed correctly.

Smaller dogs often have different needs from their kennels. There are smaller types available for them. There are even types available that are stackable. The stackable option is great for people who have several small dogs and often transport them or have needs to board them. You will want to make sure when purchasing this option that you are purchasing one that is very sturdy, as the bottom of it will need to be strong enough to support not only the weight of the one stacked on top of it but the animal as well .