Do You Play Online Poker? Do not Let Yourself Go On Tilt – Learn How Now!

There are always and will always be players that get really, really upset when they lose a hand. Sometimes these players will then becomes really aggressive as if they were seeking revenge. This is known as playing on tilt.

Now playing on tilt is typically seen as a negative thing and usually entices a few savvy players to call because they believe the person is simply "on tilt" and want to steal the blinds. Here is where you can use it to your advantage without always being a pain in the ass.

Let's say you lose a hand, a fairly large hand. You do not say much just shake your head and take your next two cards. You look down at your cards and you have a monster. You have a choice; play it as you normally would or turn into a butthead for a couple minutes and start talking crap about the previous hand. This will normally throw the other players off focus because all the focus will be shifting to you. This is your opportunity to raise and play on tilt. If you're a good crap talker and raise enough you'll most likely even have someone make a comment about the fact that you're playing on tilt. Or you can say it yourself. "I'm on tilt."

Really keen players might become suspicious of you and fold but others will see it as a chance to take down an easy pot. The person who beat you might even feel bad and decide to take pity on you and offer "charity" or a "donation". Take advantage of these "on tilt" opportunities but also be aware of others doing the same thing. Do not let yourself be sucked in by another "on tilt" player.