Expediting Continuous Testing and Delivery Through LeanFT


HP LeanFT has been specifically developed for software developers and testers. It is a new automated testing solution that ensures continuous testing and continuous delivery of an application. It can be easily integrated into existing development frameworks. It thus helps in rapid development, testing and deliver secure and higher quality applications. The test scripts can be written in C# and Java.

In the present day market, it is important for businesses to move forward with speed and agility. It needs to capitalize on the opportunities for delivering new solutions and business systems. This has brought the Agile Methodology into practice which implements the principle of continuous testing and continuous delivery over the traditional sequential delivery process. This shifts the testing process more towards the left by implementing testing early into the development cycle.

HP LeanFT implements the concept of shift left by using the key characteristics of the Agile development methodology. It integrates seamlessly into the existing environments and frameworks which support the test driven and behavior driven development. It is a powerful and light-weight test automation tool. Test scripts here can be written in C# or Java.

Benefits of HP LeanFT:

Faster Delivery:

The comprehensive set of tools provided by HP LeanFT accelerates the design and maintenance of the tests. The Object Identification Center in it automatically generates the codes and abstraction models for the application under tests.


HP Lean FT improves the collaboration between the developers and automation engineers by providing project templates for the standard unit testing frameworks. This reduces the application testing time and helps in the early identification of the defects in the development cycle.

Reduced costs:

HP Lean FT fully integrates with the existing IDEs and also provides the related plugins. With test authoring capability using C# and Java, developers can utilize the same resources and the same development environment.


The Application Defender of HP rapidly discovers the vulnerabilities and the inconsistencies of the software during the development and the test phases. Here changes to be made are less costly. The HP Application Defender offers continuous, real-time testing.

Professional Expertise:

HP LeanFT is supported by HP Enterprise Services. This helps to deliver high quality, key applications faster on Agile and DevOps Environment. This expands the capabilities of HPES to identify and eliminate the defects in the development cycle further accelerating the time to market of the application.

HP LeanFT is also integrated with Application Lifecycle Management, Mobile Center and Quality Center. It reduces the costs of maintenance, share test resources and deliver Mobile Applications.

The functionalities of UFT (Unified Functional Testing) are combined with the key features of Selenium to form Lean FT thus providing the users with the best options from both the tools.

DevTesters, Subject Matter Experts and the Test Automation Engineers are the three main targeted users of LeanFT. It is easier to use LeanFT with an existing knowledge of UFT. The migration of UFT scripts to LeanFT can be accomplished through proven migration tools. Using migration tools make the task easier and faster as they come with library files which are predefined for mapping the programming artifacts of UFT into the corresponding methods of LeanFT.


However, LeanFT has its share of drawbacks. LeanFT does not provide for Web Service Testing. Record and Playback feature is also not available. Further, it does not provide integration of Business Process Testing. The process of testing becomes very critical for a speedy application delivery. HP LeanFT helps to balance these twin parameters of speed and quality, leveraging the proven skills in development and testing.