Features of a Lift You Can Trust

Installing a beach house lift is a smart choice for beach house owners. There are many advantages to a beach house lift including both convenience (no more carrying groceries upstairs) and safety (fast evacuation in the event of a storm). However, before you install your lift, you want to make certain that you choose a reliable and safe product that you can trust so that you do not put your cargo- or yourself or your guests- in any danger.

Features of a Beach House Lift

There are a few key features you want to look for on any beach house lift to make sure that the system is a safe one that will not let you down. For instance, when purchasing a lift, you should look for:

  • A reliable integrated brake system. You do not want your lift to fall and having a reliable integrated brake system is the best way to ensure that this never happens. A fall could result in broken or damaged items or, worse, injury to someone who is below or near the lift. Avoiding a potential disaster requires great brakes.
  • A lift made of aluminum and stainless steel. These durable metals will create a strong and solid lift that can weather the passage of time. A beach community is a tough place for home items due to the salty sea air. It is important to choose durable materials that can stand the test of time and that will not be destroyed or weakened easily by the climate. An aluminum and stainless steel lift will not rust or corrode, so you do not have to worry about your lift becoming unusable or needing to be replaced within just a few short years.
  • A lift that can support the capacity and weight that you need. While people can not ride on beach house lifts, you may have a lot of heavy cargo that needs to move up and down. Everything from beach umbrellas and beach chairs to furniture or groceries for your home may need to be lifted up and down on the beach house lift. Be sure that you choose a product that can take the load you need.
  • Dual cables that are rated to support the weight of the lift and the cargo. Dual cables are better than one cable as you have a backup in case something does happen to one of the cables that could cause a fall. With two cables, you can use your lift without worrying that it will come crashing down since there is always a backup. The cables will also help to ensure that your lift moves up and down in a safe and secure fashion.
  • Grooved cable winders. These help to ensure that the cables on your lift do not double wrap, causing the lift to work improperly.
  • A dual mast. A dual mast with heavy and solid beams will help to ensure that your lift does not sway. This allows you to ensure your cargo gets safely where you need it to go without being damaged.

These are the key safety features to look for in order to ensure that you purchase a lift you can trust for your beach house lift.