Get To Know All The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Rammed Earth Homes

Rammed Earth Home is one of the most economical, comfortable, durable and elegant looking building structures. It was an ancient method of building construction which is still very popular up in order to these days. Why? Simply because of the many top qualities it possesses that benefits both the homeowners and the rammed earth builders. These advantages include the following:

Long Lasting Strength and Durability

The thousands of years of remaining standing from archaic times to the present day plus several scientific testing conducted are evidence enough so as to prove the durability and long lasting qualities. They have been recognized by the engineers as having load bearing characteristic, so no need to spend for additional framing to protect the structure. Not just that, rammed earth construction has exceeded the minimum requirements achieved by most timer frame construction because of the substantial bracing and stability it provides against natural calamities.

Thermal Mass

The thick material density is one among the reasons why these homes remain standing for thousands of years in spite of extreme calamities. There’s just a slight penetration because of this quality that takes place during hot or cold climate. Therefore, it gives off natural warmth during winter and chill feeling during summer when inside the house. This also makes it an ideal choice in areas like Australia, where temperature fluctuations need to be kept to a minimum.


Because of the natural color and texture variations of rammed earth constructions, many architects find it very easy to style rammed earth homes many styles with a great deal more elements. A stunning beauty is given to the structure by combining the foreign materials with the natural properties of rammed earth materials.

Termite/Sound/Fire Proof

Termites and pests have no place in order to stay due to the durable quality of the materials used. There are no cavities in walls for pests to reside or use as a route in order to the roof or other timbers. Plastering, wallpapering, or repainting is not required so as to reinforce a rammed earth home. Apart from all these, you can even ensure that no unwanted sounds like traffic noise could go through the walls due to its sound insulation property.

Nature Friendly

Unlike other building structure materials such as bricks and cement, it doesn’t produce toxic, is non-polluting and especially, it breathes. Utilizing all these qualities, rammed earth homes are ensured safer, more comfortable home building in order to live in that stays longer throughout the years.

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