Great Advantages Offered by Wide Plank Flooring

Wide plank wood flooring is a type of floor made from the timber of hardwoods. There are two types of hardwood. One of them comes unfinished and the other, more modern, is pre-finished in a factory. Most people choose to buy wide plank wood floorings for their house because of its great value and beauty that increases in time. The different colors and shades make the room look sophisticated and fashionable. It all depends on the type of wood the flooring is made of.

Firstly, you should know a little about the benefits of wood floorings. Since wood is a natural resource, it is both renewable and recyclable. Many leading health associations agree that for a healthy home, the wood floors are the perfect choice. Another benefit is that, nowadays, wood flooring is affordable. The greatest advantage is that the wood floors maintain their beauty over the years, when other types of floorings are not looking so good.

Wide plank wood floorings offers you a great variety of colors, styles and species of wood to fit any décor. Choose the style you want for your home carefully, think about you lifestyle, your decorating tastes and the area you live in. Nowadays, wood floors come in more than 50 species, domestic and exotic.

The appearance of the wood determines its grades. There`s no difference in strength, only in look. Clear wood, even if it can have some minor imperfections is free of defect. The select wood contains some knots and color variations. Common wood has more knots than the select wood and it is often chosen for its natural features.

The way that the finished product looks is determined by the angle at which the board is cut. So, wood flooring can be plainsawn, quartersawn or riftsawn. The second one and the third one are pretty similar, only that the riftsawn is cut from a slightly different angle. The first type of cutting, plainsawn, is the used the most. The wood contains more variations than the other two types of cuttings.

The last thing you should know about wide plank wood flooring is how to maintain it. Be careful and don`t wet – mop the wood floor. The water can damage the and leave a pale color. Try to protect the furniture legs in order not to scratch the surface and if you want to move the furniture pick it up, don`t slide it. To refresh the wood floor just use some wax and it will become bright and shiny.