How To Get A Girl Wet So That She Orgasms Again And Again And Even Wets The Bed

Many men need some help in learning how to get a girl wet leading to wet orgasms. One of the biggest mistakes men make in lovemaking is starting intercourse before a woman is really juicy and desiring penetration. A girl should be very wet before you even think of intercourse.

Many guys tend to fumble when trying to get a girl aroused. Many women are very sensitive and can feel it inside when you are trying too hard and in your head. This is a turn off for most women.

They want to feel your strong maleness rather than a little boy that does not know what he is doing. They want a man that leads them in sex, rather than a boy that asks permission to try something new.

So we can see that you need reliable methods to get a girl wet from foreplay. You want to be able to learn some arousal techniques that are going to have her begging to be penetrated. You want her to tell you that you are her best lover ever. You want her to desire and to even crave you.

Sexual Anticipation Key

The key is anticipation. For most women, sex starts well before jumping into bed. So, during the day, you can send her a sexy text message to start her thinking of you during the day. If you get a sexy response, you can increase the dirty element in your text message.

If you are out together, some discrete touching can be a real turn on. For some women, being sexual in a semi public place can be very arousing. This can lead to actual making love in a place that is private but there is a chance you could be discovered. Be very careful about following this advice as in some countries this is a crime!

How To Tease In Foreplay

To get a girl wet in a matter of minutes, the best way is to build anticipation. Teasing is one of the best ways to build arousal. The more she desires to have sex with you and the more you resist and tease her, the more aroused she will become.

So you can kiss her and then pull away before she wants you to stop. If you do this a few times she will get very turned on. This also shows her that you are in control and not needy.

Holding her hair as you kiss her and gently pulling can be another way to drive her wild. Most men do not realise that the neck is a very sensitive and highly erotic place to kiss. This is because nerves that connect to the vulva actually run down the neck.

Another thing I love to do is to push my lover against the wall. Again you are taking control, being strong and masculine. Most women love to feel this and it allows them to surrender more.

Do Not Rush

The next key to get a woman dripping wet is to take your time. Most guys tend to rush. Girls hate this and can dump you if you always rush in sex.

Leaning how to finger a woman is another way for you to learn not to rush. Learn where the clitoris and the g spot is located on your lover. By stimulating the clitoris and the g spot with your fingers is one of the best ways to drive your lover totally wild and orgasmic. The great advantage of this method is that you will not ejaculate too soon.

When she has had 3 or more orgasms she will love it when you come into her as she will be so wet inside. Even if you come too soon she will be satisfied.

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