How to Impress Your Ex Boyfriend & Make Him Desire You Once Again? Great Tips You Must Read

One of the best ways to get back with your ex boyfriend is to impress him. If you are not sure of how you should go about impressing your ex boyfriend then read on and find out these crazy strategies that are sure to work!

Get stunning

If you want to impress your ex and also leave a lasting impression then do not let the grief show on your face. Puffy eyes, dowdy clothes are only going to make him see what a loser you are. So ditch the morose act and get going on to looking like a stunner.

Avoid all drama

Men hate drama. All the crying that you do and all the things that you say to make him feel the love for you only makes him feel sorry. When you want to impress a guy instead of crying and begging just walk on with your head high. Your maturity is going to impress him

Don’t give him a second look

When you see him outside somewhere you have the immediate urge to go and talk to him. Any form of contact for you is good enough. Instead of doing that and ruining the impression that he is forming of you look right through him. Pretend like you didn’t even see him.

Move on with your life

Don’t give him too much of importance. Move on with your life and don’t dwell on the break up. You ex boyfriend will be seriously impressed at your determination, resolve and strength to take a personal failure with such maturity.

Get focused

Instead of waiting your time start focusing on things that you genuinely like doing. If you didn’t get time to pursue your hobbies or interests or if you wanted to learn a new art form etc now is the time. Your ex will be impressed that you are not wasting your time but are focusing on channelizing your energies positively.

Show him you have options

If you want a man to get impressed then start dating, give him an opportunity to chase you. Don’t wait around for him but start dating. These men should be better looking than your ex and if they are more successful you’ll get brownie points.

Never bitch about your ex

Never wash your linen in public. Be mature and understand that bitching about your ex isn’t going to impress him. In fact if you don’t pass any comment on him or casually praise his positive qualities, he will be much more impressed. You need to show him that you are not a petty person.