How to Keep Your Home Cold Without Air Conditioning

Going on a summer vacation with your family is definitely exciting and thrilling. However, beating the summer heat inside your house is not something that makes summer much more fun for homeowners like you. Using air conditioners to fight excessive heat could only make you energy consumption boom up and leave you with very pricey electric bills.

If you do not want to experience this kind of problem, you should think of ways to cool down your home without needing the help of air conditioners. By doing this, you can stop your electric bills from doubling up and consuming a large chunk of your household budget. You can now fight the heat with these wonderful tips for keeping your home cold without the help of air conditioning.

Wear light and comfortable clothes

The best way to keep yourself from depending too much on your air conditioner is to keep your body temperature in desirable levels. Wear light and breathable clothes that would make you feel less heat during the summer months. You should also take a shower at least twice a day in order to maintain your body temperature within the range of desirable levels.

Use ceiling fans instead of an air conditioner

A good way to keep your home cold during the hot and humid summer is to make the most out of ceiling fans and electric fans. Keep your ceiling fans open in order to allow more air to circulate inside your house. Close all your windows and let the air from your fans flow all throughout your home. The goal here is to keep warm air outside and keep the cold air inside your house.

When the temperature outside starts to cool down during the evening, open your windows and let the cool breeze enter your home. Close your windows again when the sun starts to rise and just keep your fans open in order to let the air circulate freely inside your house.

If you still cannot stand the heat by just turning on your ceiling fans, you could also use your air conditioner as long as you keep it in fan mode. However, you should read its manual before doing this because some manufacturers do not suggest using specific models of air conditioners in fan mode.

Make the most of cold air in your basement

Before summer comes, you can also hire a contractor who could help you install a cold air return in your house. This gadget is perfect for bringing in the cold air from your basement into the ductwork in order to allow it to circulate freely in other parts of your home. This would be a good way to turn the temperature low without using the help of air conditioners.

Keep your home shaded

The hot rays of the blazing sun could penetrate your roof and make it hotter inside your house. You can combat these harsh UV rays by keeping your home shaded by trees or plants, reflective window films and awnings, and venetian blinds or shades.

A house surrounded by greeneries experiences less heat during the summer days. Plants and trees do not only block the sun, but also help in increasing the amount of oxygen inside your property.

These are only some of the most effective ways to fight the summer heat without air conditioning. Once you do these tips, you would never need to worry about expensive electric bills during the hottest days and months of the year.